Gaming laptops now include super-powerful GPUs that could be just perfect for Deep Learning and Data Science. Image source: Future

For a long time, gaming laptops were known for being extravagant, expensive, large, noisy, prone to overheating, and expensive. Crafted for a specific market of consumers that value the video game experience more than reality, these powerful machines had really no other use. However, since the time of the first Alienware laptops, a lot has changed. We now find models such as the Asus Zephyrus series, the Razer 15, and the not-really-a-gaming-laptop Dell XPS 15, all of which actually deliver a lot of power in compact and somehow aesthetic designs. Did I mention they are expensive?

In a somehow unrelated…

A summary of the Bitcoin cycling pattern. Source

Bitcoin is back on the news which means that the price is going crazy for months already which means that you are wondering: why is the price of bitcoin going up? I am not going to explain here how bitcoin works, there are already too many videos about that on YouTube. I am going to rather discuss what the current price action means in the context of Bitcoin’s past and possible future.

But Alejandro, why does Bitcoin have value in the first place if it is just a piece of code, thin air? Well Bitcoin works in the same way…

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS available on the Microsoft store (that’s right).

If you are the type of person that buys a PC and the first thing they do is partition the hard drive to install the latest Ubuntu, then this article is for you. In the latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft has integrated WSL2 (Windows subsystem for Linux 2) which enables you to have a full installation of Ubuntu running on Windows using Hyper-V virtual machine technology. Note that your computer must support Hyper-V for WSL2 but not for WSL.

For installation of WSL2 follow this steps. And a more detailed guide including some tricks.

After installing WSL2, installing Ubuntu…

Setting up your GPU with Tensorflow does not have to be a nightmare. Image:

TensorFlow 2.4 is out now. Which means that you probably won’t update because you are afraid of going through the whole setting your GPU nightmare once again. You are probably using CUDA 10.1 and it just works, so why bother right? Well I have great news for you: setting up TensorFlow 2.4 on Windows 10 with full CUDA 11.0 support is not that hard. Here I will provide a full guide on how to setup your GPU in no time (unless you are me and takes you 2 days because you could not find a good tutorial).

First, we need…

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Computational biologist and data scientist. Data narrative on molecular biology, machine learning and finance.

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