Gaming laptops now include super-powerful GPUs that could be just perfect for Deep Learning and Data Science. Image source: Future

For a long time, gaming laptops were known for being extravagant, expensive, large, noisy, prone to overheating, and expensive. Crafted for a specific market of consumers that value the video game experience more than reality, these powerful machines had really no other use. However, since the time of the first Alienware laptops, a lot has changed. We now find models such as the Asus Zephyrus series, the Razer 15, and the not-really-a-gaming-laptop Dell XPS 15, all of which actually deliver a lot of power in compact and somehow aesthetic designs. Did I mention they are expensive?

In a somehow unrelated…

Alejandro Granados C

Computational biologist and data scientist. Data narrative on molecular biology, machine learning and finance.

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